Tales From Ghost Town 

This solo folk artist sings from THE SOUL of Montana. For years Nick has been putting out dark and catchy tunes about real life in the Big Sky country with a smoky growl and brutally honest conviction. His songs tend to have an arresting effect on a crowd, and in time Nick and his songs will be legendary as a testament to the true Montana, in all it’s dirty, sketchy, broken and beautiful glory. Welcome to Montana, now go back home.
-Firebomb Productions, Idaho Falls, ID (2016)

HISTORY/BIO: He’s been called punkabillly, gothic country, cowpunk, punk blues, Montana blues, soul punk, folkabillly, punk grass, street folk but the one-man acoustic band claims none. Nick Hagan is…TALES FROM GHOST TOWN! Hailing originally from Montrose, CO, the first TFGT tapes began circulating sometime in 2005. Recorded on a four-track to cassette, the lo-fi self-titled “Tales From Ghost Town” was released on Sxratch Native Music and Insurrection Records in Montrose, CO. This was the earliest incarnation of what would later become the present day Sxratch Native Records with Insurrection Records remaining the label founded by Stench, the seminal Montrose punk band of which Hagan is an original member. Although Stench had been playing live since 1999, it wasn’t until 2006 after moving to his current home base of Bozeman, MT that TFGT began performing the solo act on a regular basis. Since then he’s been racking up quite the resume sharing bills with such bands as The Goddamn Gallows, The Koffin Kats, Hellbound Glory, The Murder Junkies as well as other solo/one-man band acts including Scott H. Biram, Joe Buck Yourself, James Hunnicutt and Graham Lindsey (to name but a few). In 2010, TFGT embarked on his first tour to promote his “Greyhound Bus Stop” E.P. (Sxratch Native Records, 2010) visiting venues around Montana and Idaho by hitch-hiking and hopping freight trains (all dates were made). Then in the summer of 2011, the papers were filed and Sxratch Native Records was (in the eyes of the IRS) officially born.


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